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What is network marketing?

Network marketing is getting yourself paid for sharing your personal experience about a product to others. It is word-of-mouth advertising. It's a lot of people each doing a little to build a huge distribution system to market a product.

How big is the network marketing industry?

It's big with over US$100 billion in worldwide sales. Ninety percent of the 25 million Distributors worldwide are earning between US$500 to US$5000. Forty five percent of the sales earnings are from nutritional and personal care products.

How big is network marketing in Malaysia?

There are over 700 licensed direct sales entities in Malaysia, out of which more than 300 are network- marketing companies. Sales have exceeded RM4 billion with the figure growing each year. It is estimated that the numbers of Distributors will increase from 2 million to 5 million over the next few years.

What are the advantages of network marketing?

To begin with, network marketing does not carry the risks that a conventional business or job carry. It requires a very low capital startup while providing a very huge income potential. It is highly duplicable, recession proof, and gives you the opportunity to be your own boss.

What should I look for when choosing a network marketing company?

Study and investigate the company - whether it's debt-free, has its own research laboratories and manufacturing facilities. Products that people are excited about and highly consumable are important, as that will ensure a global market. Thirdly, a Compensation Plan that allows you to earn generously and finally whether the company has an effective training and support system for Distributors.

How is VIVA Life Science different from other network marketing companies?

- Debt-free and well capitalized.
- 20 year-old track record of producing pharmaceutical grade products backed by rigorous scientific research.
- VIVA'S parent company Westar Nutrition has manufactured nutritional and personal care products for some of the largest companies in the nutritional industry.
- VIVA Life Science maintains tight controls over every facet of the company - from the farms that grow our raw materials to R&D, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, and the distribution of VIVA products to the end consumer.
- VIVA employs proprietary cutting-edge technology and patented processes in researching and developing breakthrough nutritional products that are safe and effective.
- The company has spent, and is still spending millions of dollars in research and development to further advance the science of NUTRACEUTICALS.

What is the story behind the VIVA logo?

The green leaf is the symbol of the natural ingredients utilized in VIVA products and the golden capsule symbolizes VIVA'S scientific research and development processes that bring nature and science together in a true alliance. Together the capsule and the leaf form a 'V', which represents VIVA Life Science.

What does the VIVA Opportunity offer?

- Effective, safe and highly consumable products for a global market
- A Compensation Plan that pays up to nine generations deep.
- An opportunity for you to be your own boss
- The liberty for you to determine how much you want to earn as a Distributor
- Uncommon time freedom
- Multi-million dollar investment support from the company.

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