VIVA Wellness Business Plan (effective May 2008)


Personal Rebates and Group Bonuses

Rank Accumulated GV (AGV) for 4 consecutive months (current month & previous 3 months) Personal Rebates Group Bonuses
Associate Supervisor Manager
Director 7501+(150PV/1500GV) 20% 20% 15% 10%
Manager 3751-7500 10% 10% 5%  
Supervisor 751-3750 5% 5%    
Associate 0-750 0%      
1. Qualification for Personal Rebates and Group Bonuses: a distributor must have a minimum of 150 PV (domestic) in a volume month.
2. 4 consecutive months Accumulated Group Volume (AGV) is the combination of Personal Volume (PV) and Group Volume (GV) of the current month and the previous 3 months..
3. In the qualifying month for Directorship, the distributor must have 150 PV and 1500 GV (uncompressed), in order to be promoted to Director.
4. Director Push-up: if a non-Director distributor has any downline being promoted to Director in the current month, the distributor can be pushed up to Director in the same month provided he/she has 150 PV and 750 GV (excluding the leg being promoted). If there are more than one downline legs being promoted to Director, then the 750 GV will be exempted.

For those Directors who fulfill the following requirements, he/she will receive a 5% bonus on total domestic Group Volume for the current calendar quarter.

Qualifications for Quarterly Growth Bonus:

  1. Must be Qualified Director in each month of the previous quarter.
  2. Must have a minimum of 600 PV and 6000 GV (domestic and uncompressed volume only) in each of the months of the current quarter.

  3. The average Organizational Volume (OV) of the current quarter must increase by at least 10% as compared to the Organizational Growth Index (OGI*).

* OGI (Organizational Growth Index): the higher volume of either the average OV in the previous calendar quarter OR the average OV of the highest 4 months in the previous calendar year.

1. PV/GV is domestic and uncompressed volume only.
2. OV includes domestic and international volume.
3. The Quarterly Growth Bonus is open to all VIVA Singapore Directors only.
4. Quarters are based on calendar year: Q1 Jan-Mar, Q2 Apr-Jun, Q3 Jul-Sep, Q4 Oct-Dec
5. Quarterly Gowth Bonus will be paid on the 15th of the month following the end of the previous calendar quarter.
6. Achievers must personally attend recognition ceremonies to receive their Quarterly Growth Bonus Recognition.
7. The Company will not allow any unethical or unapproved activities in qualifying for the Quarterly Growth Bonus. Any violation will be subject to disciplinary actions from the Company up to and including termination.



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